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Thoughts To Chew On
Jeffrey Epstein List Breakdown
This is a pretty good breakdown regarding the Epstein list release. Credit to @dom_lucre on X.

04:39:45 pm 01/04/2024
Democrat Raises Alarm On Voter Fraud
BREAKING: A Democrat County Supervisor in Hinds, Mississippi is challenging his party's primary election results after discovering massive election fraud

07:20:58 am 09/02/2023
Ceiling Fans; The New Global Threat
Evidently, according to the Biden administration, ceiling fans are now the latest global threat and must be re-imagined. With the updated regulations, homeowners will save $39 per year... yes, $39-Per-Year!

Biden,Ceiling Fans,Global Warming
03:08:01 pm 08/27/2023
SCOTUS lawsuit against Joe, Kamala and Others
Basically, it states that over 100 members of congress claimed factual evidence that the election was rigged and the respondent's refusal to investigate makes them accomplices and guilty of treason.

08:45:35 pm 11/21/2022
Car Kill Switches: Biden Admin Installing them in Cars
Bill HR3684 section 24220 being sold as an anti-drunk driving measure, the technology will allow anyone to have their driving monitored and the ability to "prevent or limit motor vehicle operation"

05:25:30 pm 11/02/2022
Record Stillborn Births: CA Hospital blames Covid Vax
A Central CA hospital has leaked information showing they have had record-breaking stillbirths since the covid vaccine was released.

03:48:18 pm 11/02/2022
"They See Humans Like Cattle": David Icke - Regarding the Elite
In 1997 David Icke, a British former footballer, and sports broadcaster outlines how the elite think, and their plans to kill off a portion of civilization using viruses and vaccination. "They see humans like Cattle".

vaccination,viruses,David Icke,depopulation
03:15:56 pm 11/01/2022
Myocarditis in athletes: 50% of the Big 10 Have been diagnosed
Dr. states that of the Big 10 athletes that have been scanned, 50% of them have symptomless Myocarditis. These cases could end in suddden death.

03:04:30 pm 11/01/2022
Content control: DHS met with FB, Twitter, Wiki and more for control
Evidently starting in 2020 the DHS had monthly meetings with popular social content websites to moderate content

08:57:38 pm 10/31/2022
Jan 6 was NOT an insurrection
Congressman Matt Gaetz and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene held a Republican Response on the anniversary of January 6th. "I do not believe that there would have been the same level of criminal acuity on Jan. 6th of last year but for the involvement of the federal government."

Jan6,insurrection,DC,Matt Gaetz,MTG
07:20:29 pm 10/31/2022
Russia's Nord Stream Pipelines Explained
This is a great explanation of the origin of the pipelines, their importance to both Russia and EU and it's affect on the Ukraine conflict.

07:20:29 pm 10/31/2022